Governor Hogan’s Announcement today: Updates on unemployment insurance processing, a scheme to defraud our government and more…

Today, Governor Hogan announced that, while processing unemployment claims, the Department of Labor uncovered a scheme to defraud our government of $501 million via 47,000 fraudulent claims. Our officials are now working in conjunction with federal authorities as the investigation moves forward.

Identities that had previously been stolen were used to file fraudulent claims – Maryland has not suffered a data breach of its unemployment insurance site. And this seems to be a widespread issue around the country, with the information Maryland’s Dept. of Labor provided to federal authorities leading to the identification of similar scams in at least 12 other states.

Governor Hogan also gave updates on unemployment insurance processing. As of today, Maryland has handled as many unemployment claims since the pandemic began as they had in the previous three years combined. Despite the heavy load of work, the Dept. of Labor has processed over 96 percent of all unemployment claims, totaling more than $4.3 billion to 486,000 Marylanders.  

While our hospitalizations due to COVID are down 77 percent since hitting our peak in April, we have seen an uptick in hospitalizations. Governor Hogan stated that we are seeing numbers of cases increase among younger individuals, with many of these cases tying back to not following guidelines while patronizing businesses. It is imperative that we continue to wear masks, keep our distance, and keep our hands clean. If we are going to get past this, we all must be on board. 

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