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Baltimore, MD – May 23, 2023 – We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in constructing the Rosedale Recreation Activity Center (RAC) at McCormick Elementary. The Department of Recreation and Parks has officially commenced the construction process for this highly anticipated project.

The new Rosedale RAC will serve as a hub for recreational activities and aquatic programs, providing a vibrant space for the community to come together and foster a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the development plan, the existing multipurpose courts will be repurposed to accommodate the construction of the center. However, we want to ensure that Rosedale residents are aware of the temporary closure of these courts during the construction phase.

While we understand the inconvenience caused by the closure, we want to manage expectations and inform the community that the courts will remain out of use until next spring. This timeline allows the County to efficiently complete the construction, ensuring that the Rosedale RAC becomes a premier facility that meets the needs and expectations of our residents.

As a first step, the construction fence has been installed, and the courts are now closed for demolition. This marks an exciting milestone as we progress towards the realization of the Rosedale RAC, which will become a pillar of recreational opportunities in our community.

Senator Senator Kathy Klausmeier,  Delegate Carl Jackson, Delegate Nick Allen,  Delegate Joe Botler,  Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, and Councilman Mike Ertel and I had the wonderful opportunity to support this project. As with so many things, we couldn’t do it without the help from our District 8 constituents. We express our gratitude to County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. for his leadership in this endeavor. As with so many things, we couldn’t do it without the help from our District 8 constituents. Thank you to all who have worked on and have been a part of this beautiful new project.

To learn more about the project and stay updated on its progress, we encourage residents to refer to the letter from the County:

“The Department of Recreation and Parks reached out to me to let me know that construction for the Rosedale RAC at McCormick Elementary has been mobilized.

For this project, the new center is being built on top of the existing multipurpose courts, and those courts will be rebuilt at a different location.

The courts will be out of use until next spring (possibly earlier, but Rec and Parks wants to manage expectations).

The construction fence has started going up, and the courts are now closed off for demolition.

I will keep you updated as this project moves forward.

  • Patrick Taylor District 5 Coordinator Office of Community Engagement For County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. 410-887-5652 400 Washington Ave Towson, MD 21204″
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