Maryland Mail-In Election Fact Sheet

Maryland Mail-In Election Fact Sheet

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Presidential Primary Election has moved to June 2nd

View the State Board of Elections Voter Guide here

  • Elections will be held primarily by mail
    • The deadline to register to mail-in a ballot is 5/27
    • See below for additional in-person voting information


  • Mark your ballot, SIGN the oath, postmark by Election Day
    • You must sign the voter oath that comes with your ballot for your vote to count
    • Postage is pre-paid on mail-in ballots and must be postmarked by Election Day
    • Vote from home. Only travel to one of the limited polling locations if absolutely necessary
    • To check the status of your ballot, whether it was received and processed, click here
  • Ballot drop-off boxes
    • Each county will offer ballot drop-off boxes for voters to return their ballot on or before Election Day – See here for a list of locations
    • Baltimore City Voters: The number of ballot drop-off boxes has been increased from five to 15 locations and should open during the week leading up to Election Day – See here for a full list of locations
  • Additional questions about mail-in voting?
    • Call the State Board of Elections: 1-800-222-8683 or email

Local Board of Elections Information:

Voter info lookup system:

Check status of your ballot:

Online ballot request:

Print ballot request PDF:

In-person voting and ballot drop-off box locations:

Baltimore City in-person voting and ballot drop-off box locations:

State Board of Elections voter guide:


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