Annapolis Insights: Legislative Newsletter – Week 7


This Saturday will mark the halfway point of the 2023 legislative session, which is hard to believe as we are already in week 7. This week, I have presented and testified on multiple bills and closely collaborated with my colleagues on various issues. In addition, despite spending a significant amount of time on the house floor and the committee, I have had the opportunity to meet with several constituents to gather their feedback on several bills that will come before the HGO committee and others. As we progress with the session, please continue to reach out to my office, allowing your voices to be heard.

Maryland General Assembly Reelected Dereck Davis as State Treasurer

Maryland Treasurer Dereck Davis has been reelected for a four-year term by the General Assembly. As the principal custodian of the state’s cash deposits and investments, he also leads various state boards and financial planning committees, including the Maryland State Retirement and Pension Systems. In addition, treasurer Davis is one of three members on the state’s Board of Public Works, which controls state procurement policy and approves most state contracts.  

HGO Updates: Two Bills to Improve Emergency Care and Physician Reappointment Process 

Task Force on Reducing Emergency Department Wait Times 

 HB0274 (SB0387

To address the challenge of long emergency department (ED) wait times in Maryland this week. I have introduced House Bill 274, which proposes the creation of a task force comprised of experts who will work collaboratively to identify the underlying issues and recommend solutions to reduce wait times. Maryland currently has the country’s most extended ED wait times, with an average wait time of 228 minutes, impacting patients, families, and healthcare personnel. By improving ED conditions and reducing wait times, we can better serve the needs of Maryland’s growing population. In addition, the task force created by House Bill 274 will gather valuable insights from other states with similar people and ED demands that have successfully reduced wait times.

Hospital Credentialing – Reappointment Process for Physician Staff –  Modification 

HB0633 (SB0258)  

I enjoyed introducing HB 633 to the Health and Government Operations Committee. This bill is critical to ensuring that the state of Maryland is aligned with the federal government’s standards for the reappointment process for hospitals and physicians. The current state law requires a formal written reappointment process every two years, which is burdensome for our medical staff. HB 633 would change this requirement to align with The Joint Commission’s standards, which require reappointment every three years. This change will allow our medical staff more time to focus on patient care and help ease an undue burden on top of the monumental tasks they currently face. 

I hope the Health and Government Operations Committee will provide a favorable report for House Bill 633 and House Bill 274, which I introduced this week,  thereby taking significant steps toward enhancing our healthcare system. By facilitating greater access to healthcare and extending support to our frontline healthcare workers, we can improve the quality of care provided to our communities.  

Governor and First Lady of Maryland Host Reception to Honor Diversity 

On Thursday night, the Asian American Pacific Islander( AAPI) caucus attended a reception on Thursday hosted by Governor Wes Moore and First Lady Moore to honor the AAPI legislative caucus. Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller, Secretaries Susan Lee, Portia Wu, Aftif Choudhury, and senior staff of the Moore- Miller administration were in attendance. As the caucus chair, I was grateful for recognizing the Secretaries’ contributions and commitment to education and civic engagement. I proposed the establishment of an AAPI Hub Center in Maryland to increase electoral participation and address community challenges. The caucus is eager to collaborate with the administration to create a better future for all Marylanders.

County Executive Johnny Olszewski Outlines Key Priorities for Baltimore County

This week, the Baltimore County Delegation welcomed County Executive Johnny Olszewski, who shared the key legislative priorities for Baltimore County. The meeting covered various topics, but the primary focus was investing in our schools, teachers, and students, improving county infrastructure, enhancing the county workforce, and investing in our communities. These are crucial areas that will help ensure the long-term success and prosperity of Baltimore County, and it’s heartening working together on our key priorities.

The Interplay of Democracy on the Local Level in International Affairs

I enjoyed discussing legislative priorities, government support, and the significance of participatory democracy with Jagruti Dave, an Asia-based Feature Story News reporter. We explored how the US can continue positively promoting democratic values in the region to help countries share local, state, and federal best practices. I am thankful to Jagruti for her time and for the insightful questions she shared.

Recognizing Excellence: Congratulating Recipients of the Arrow of Light Award

Congratulations to all recipients on receiving the prestigious Arrow of Light Award! It was an honor to join my colleagues in presenting you with the Citation from the Maryland General Assembly for your outstanding achievements. Your dedication, hard work, and leadership skills have truly set you apart, and we are excited to see all the amazing things you will accomplish in the future. Keep shining bright and making a positive impact in your community!

How to follow Maryland General Assembly’s 2023 session

To follow the Maryland General Assembly’s 2023 session, you can visit the Maryland General Assembly’s website. The website provides the following resources:

  1. The Schedule for the 2023 Session
  2. The Committee Schedule (which will be updated regularly to reflect any changes)
  3. The Legislation Charts allow you to look up and track proposed bills.

It’s important to note that every bill introduced before the deadline will be granted a hearing. In addition, before the hearing takes place, a fiscal and policy note will be published regarding the bill. By utilizing these resources, you can stay up-to-date with the Maryland General Assembly’s 2023 session and track the progress of proposed bills.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

As the new year begins and everything appears to be back to normal, it is important to  remember that we are not out of the woods yet. 

With the emergence of the new Omicron variant XBB.1.5, it’s crucial to continue taking precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, we have tools to prevent severe infection and maintain a sense of normalcy. So please, make sure to get vaccinated and stay safe.

Opportunity for Excellence: Apply Now for Delegate Scholarship Program

My office now accepts applications for the District 8 Delegate Scholarship in collaboration with Delegate Nick Allen and Delegate Carl Jackson. This scholarship aims to assist as many local students as possible, as we have done in previous years. Therefore, we encourage interested students to submit their applications early. To apply, please visit the following link:

Your Voice Matters

Thank everyone for reaching out with their thoughts on legislation; your advocacy is heard and greatly appreciated. Our government operates at a higher level with an informed and active constituency, whether at the federal, state, or local level. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, concerns, or requests for help. My staff and I are here to help, and I can be reached at


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