Community College of Baltimore County Celebrates Memorable 2023 Commencement


[Baltimore, MD – 6/4/2023]

The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) proudly hosted its momentous 2023 Commencement ceremony, drawing an impressive crowd of nearly 6,000 attendees. Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis, esteemed President of CCBC, warmly welcomed the diverse assembly, creating a captivating sight filled with an ocean of caps and gowns and thousands of beaming faces.

The expansive tent housed this remarkable gathering, with folks from various backgrounds united in celebration. Dr. Kurtinitis expressed her deep appreciation for the incredible spectacle: “It was truly heartwarming to witness the boundless enthusiasm and unity displayed by our graduates and guests within the grandeur of this remarkable venue.”

During her address, Dr. Kurtinitis paid tribute to the immense talent, unwavering determination, and unwavering passion demonstrated by both the students and the college community. This dedication culminated in the conferral of associate degrees to accomplished graduates. Notably, this year’s cohort consisted of 2,700 individuals, joining the ranks of thousands of professionals who have proudly walked across CCBC’s stage since its establishment in 1957. This legacy of excellence continues to shape the college’s reputation.

Directly addressing the graduates, Dr. Kurtinitis conveyed her confidence, saying, “My friends, you stand poised and ready, eager to embark on the remarkable journey that awaits you in the world beyond. You have toiled diligently to reach this significant milestone, and now you are prepared as ever to shape your futures. I assure you, doors will open, vistas will expand, and countless opportunities will present themselves.”

As part of the ceremony, President Kurtinitis introduced a distinguished group of special guests, including Trustees of the Board of Trustees, Chair J.D. Urbach, Vice Chair Meg O’Hare, Kimberly Carl, Margaret Forte, Paulette Hammond, Douglas Riley, as well as legislators Senator Benjamin Brooks, Speaker Pro Tempore Sheree Sample- Hughes, Delegate Dr. Harry Bhandari, Delegate N. Scott Philips, and Councilman David Marks. The crowd erupted in an outpouring of gratitude when local and state elected officials were recognized for their invaluable efforts in making college tuition-free for Baltimore County residents with a household income under $150,000 per year. This initiative has paved the way for countless individuals to access quality education, ensuring a brighter future for the entire community.


Notably, CCBC boasts a diverse student population, with graduates hailing from 42 nations, ranging from Bangladesh to Zambia. The flags adorning the stage proudly represented the global impact and interconnectedness fostered at CCBC.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Kurtinitis, CCBC has emerged as one of the nation’s premier community colleges, offering a robust array of educational opportunities and serving as a beacon of excellence.

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About Community College of Baltimore County:

The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) is a dynamic institution committed to providing accessible, affordable, high-quality education to a diverse student population. With three campuses and numerous satellite centers, CCBC offers a wide range of academic programs, workforce development opportunities, and community engagement initiatives. Founded in 1957, CCBC has been a catalyst for positive change and a source of educational excellence.


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