AAPI Caucus Leaders and Lt. Governor Aruna Miller Address AAPI Interns, Emphasizing the Importance of Understanding the Function of Government


Annapolis, Maryland  – The 2023 AAPI Summer Intern Program kick-off was held in the  House Ways and Means Committee Room of the Maryland General Assembly on Monday, July 17th. The room echoed the voices of young leaders as they explored the intricacies of governance and public service. Elected officers, including the esteemed Lt. Governor Aruna Miller, came together to address the AAPI interns and emphasize the significance of comprehending the inner workings of the government. The event was hosted by AAPI Caucus members and witnessed enthusiastic participation from students eager to make a difference.

The agenda featured diverse activities to enrich the interns’ understanding of the governmental processes. The day commenced with an introduction session. Lt. Governor Aruna Miller and  Michael Lore, Deputy Secretary of State, were invited to share their valuable insights into public service and the responsibilities of government officials.

Lt. Governor Aruna Miller’s inspiring words resonated deeply with the young AAPI interns attending the summit.  Lt. Governor Miller’s presence and encouragement further fueled their passion for public service and strengthened their commitment to making a difference in their communities and beyond.

The Maryland State AAPI Caucus members also took the opportunity to address the interns, sharing their experiences and motivating the young minds to actively participate in shaping the future.

Delegate Wu said, “Harness this knowledge to tackle today’s pressing issues and build a brighter tomorrow. Your voices and ideas are invaluable, shaping the future of Maryland and beyond. “Witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication among our AAPI interns reaffirms our commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders who will make a meaningful difference in our communities,” added Delegate  & Vice Chair of Appropriation Committee Chang.  The event was so rewarding, as it provided a unique platform for these young talents to explore government functions and ignite their passion for public service,” said Delegate Harry Bhandari, Chair of the AAPI Caucus.

One of the highlights of the day was the guest speaker, Young Smith, President of LOKA (Leaders of Kinetic Actions), who delivered an inspiring talk on leadership and community engagement. The LOKA interns and interns from the Office of Chao Wu then introduced themselves, showcasing their passion and commitment to public service.

A series of engaging discussions followed, with the interns participating in project discussions led by Delegates Wu and Chang, providing them with hands-on experience in policy development and implementation. The interns also had the opportunity to rotate groups and engage in discussions with other AAPI Caucus members.

The day included a library research training session at DLS (Department of Legislative Services), enabling the interns to acquire essential research skills vital for their future roles as public servants.

During the lunch break, the interns could network with their peers and mentors, fostering new connections and friendships within the AAPI community.

In the afternoon, the interns embarked on a guided tour of the State House, immersing themselves in the rich history and significance of the location where decisions that impact the state are made.

The 2023 AAPI Summer Intern Program’s kick-off event served as an empowering platform for the AAPI interns to gain insights, network with leaders, and prepare themselves to become change-makers within their communities and beyond. The interns were motivated to take their internships as an opportunity to understand the struggles of the AAPI community and apply their knowledge to create positive change for all Marylanders.

About AAPI Caucus: MARYLAND LEGISLATIVE ASIAN-AMERICAN & PACIFIC-ISLANDER CAUCUS seeks to engage the Asian-American and Pacific-Islander communities in Maryland, and ensure that their legislative and policy goals are represented within the General Assembly.

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