Budget Reduction at MTA Leads to Service Changes

We are really starting to see just how drastically this pandemic has affected services in Maryland. On Tuesday, the Maryland Department of Transportation released a draft of their capital budget and it shows a $2.9 billion reduction over the next six years, with $1.9 billion in reductions directly related to the pandemic.

Part of the reductions includes $150 million in reductions to the Maryland Transportation Authority. As it stands, ridership has been down leading to decreased fares. A link to a list of service changes can be found below.

This is terrible news as we move into Phase 3 of the State’s reopening. With more people returning to work we will see many adversely affected by the changes in routes. In October, the MTA will hold 10 virtual public hearings regarding proposed changes as part of their 30-day public review and comment period, which ends on November 15. I will keep you updated with more information as we approach October.


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