Covid-19 Update 7/29 –Governor Hogan’s Press Conference

Today, Governor Hogan provided an update on the pandemic in Maryland. First and foremost, in Baltimore County, we still have an infection rate of over 5 percent. We are one of only three jurisdictions with positivity rates over 5 percent, with the others being Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. As it stands, 56 percent of new cases have been confirmed in people under the age of 40. It is imperative that we continue to wear masks and social distance whenever possible.

Of those testing positive, 25 percent have been health care workers, 23 percent have been workers in non-public facing offices, 13 percent have been retail workers, and 12 percent were restaurant/food, service employees. Working from home whenever possible seems to be one of the best ways to help curtail the pandemic, so please do so if possible.

Today we said goodbye to Deputy Secretary Fran Phillips from the Maryland Department of Health. She is being replaced by Dr. Jinlene Chan from Arundel County. I would like to wish Fran Phillips well as she moves on from her post – a post she stayed in longer than she planned – as well as welcome Dr. Chan to her new position. Fran Phillips was instrumental in combating the coronavirus, and I’m sure Dr. Chan will continue her tremendous efforts. 

Read the governor’s expanded face mask order


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