Delegate Bhandari Coordinates Support for Family of Late Bishnu Shah, Ensuring Relief Through Community Efforts”**

**Press Release**


Date: 11/29/2023

Delegate Harry Bhandari extends his deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Bishnu Shah, who passed away on June 17, 2023, in Broomall, PA. During this time of sorrow, Delegate Bhandari particularly recalls the emotional Zoom call with Mr. Shah’s wife and their two school-aged children, expressing his relief and gratitude that the insurance amount has successfully reached them. This financial support, though it cannot replace their loss, stands as a testament to Mr. Shah’s thoughtful provision for his family’s future.

In acknowledging and thanking the community for their united efforts in supporting Mr. Shah’s family, Delegate Bhandari’s office played a pivotal role in coordinating the transportation of Mr. Shah’s body from the Office of the Medical Examiner in the County of Delaware to the funeral home in North Brunswick, NJ. This extensive coordination demonstrates the community’s deep commitment to supporting its members in times of need.

The situation was compounded by the absence of immediate relatives in the United States and the family’s residence in Nepal, presenting significant challenges in coordinating the necessary support. The office of Delegate Bhandari faced initial challenges in securing information about Mr. Shah’s relatives in Nepal and about potential insurance funds. Through the collaborative efforts of community members and leaders, these hurdles were surmounted. Special thanks are extended to Mr. Nabin Poudel from Virginia for his critical role in liaising with the Shah family, and to Bijaya Bhusal for connecting with Janak Bhandari, a community leader and insurance agent in Texas, instrumental in the insurance claim. Their combined efforts led to the successful release of $255,923.16 to Mr. Shah’s family, providing essential financial support.

Delegate Bhandari expresses his heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in this collaborative effort. The resilience and solidarity shown by the community in supporting the Shah family during this difficult time are commendable.

As we mourn Mr. Shah’s loss, we also celebrate the strength and unity of our community in coming together to support one another. Our thoughts remain with the Shah family as they navigate this challenging period, comforted in knowing that Mr. Shah’s foresight and love for his family continue to provide for them.


Office of Delegate Harry Bhandari

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