Delegate Bhandari Delivers Keynote Speech at a Health Event


May 25, 2023 – Delegate Bhandari, the Chair of the AAPI Caucus, delivered a compelling keynote speech at the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration held in Rockville, Maryland. The event, organized by Potomac Valley Healthcare, brought together distinguished guests, honored individuals, and community members to commemorate the rich cultural diversity and significant contributions of the AAPI community.

In his address, Delegate Bhandari expressed deep gratitude for the invitation to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and highlighted the importance of unity and cultural appreciation. He recognized the remarkable heritage, history, and achievements of the AAPI communities, emphasizing that diversity is a source of strength.

The evening was marked by captivating performances showcasing the unique arts, traditions, and cuisines that define the AAPI community. Through these displays of talent, the attendees were reminded of the beauty and grace inherent in the AAPI cultures.

Delegate Bhandari also emphasized the transformative power of stories and highlighted how this country has made all Americans’ stories possible. He acknowledged that the United States is not only the wealthiest nation but also the most generous, providing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive and succeed.

Reflecting on the words of Maya Angelou, Delegate Bhandari underscored the importance of acknowledging the challenges overcome and sacrifices made by the AAPI community. He commended their perseverance, determination, and unity, which inspire all to pursue their dreams and make a lasting impact.
Addressing the importance of healthcare and equity within the AAPI community, Delegate Bhandari emphasized that healthcare is a fundamental human right.

He stressed the collective responsibility to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all, promoting cultural sensitivity in healthcare services. As a Delegate serving in the Health and Government Operations Committee and the AAPI Legislative Chair for the State of Maryland, he pledged to champion initiatives that improve access to healthcare for the Marylanders.

In closing, Delegate Bhandari expressed his gratitude to all attendees for their presence, highlighting the significance of celebrating and embracing cultural diversity. He encouraged everyone to use this occasion as an opportunity to learn from one another, foster understanding and unity, and build a stronger and more inclusive community. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, he urged individuals to be the change they wish to see in the world, emphasizing the importance of celebrating diversity, championing equity, and providing opportunities for all to realize their dreams.

Delegate Bhandari concluded his speech by recognizing individuals who have dedicated themselves to community service and making a positive impact. He acknowledged their selfless investment of time, energy, and resources, which have brought hope and touched countless lives in need.Delegate Bhandari thanked the organizers, Potomac Valley Healthcare, for hosting the event and expressed his honor in delivering a keynote speech that aimed to inspire and encourage all attendees.

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