Delegate Harry Bhandari Attends Saathi Adult Literacy Graduation Program

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Baltimore, MD – Today, Delegate Harry Bhandari, PhD, attended the Saathi Adult Literacy Graduation Program, joined by Delegate Carl Jackson and other esteemed community leaders. The event celebrated the achievements of adult learners who have completed the English learning course offered by Saathi Baltimore and the Youth Student & Sports Committee NRNA NCC USA.

Delegate Bhandari expressed his heartfelt appreciation for Saathi Baltimore and NRNA NCC USA’s efforts to promote adult education and empower individuals through literacy. In his remarks, Delegate Bhandari highlighted the importance of lifelong learning and commended the graduates for their dedication and hard work.

Delegate Bhandari reiterated his commitment to supporting and celebrating the achievements of adult learners. “The dedication shown by these graduates is truly inspiring, and I am committed to supporting Saathi Baltimore and NRNA NCC USA in their mission to provide valuable educational opportunities,” he said.

Delegate Carl Jackson admired both organizations’ dedication to adult education. “The efforts of these organizations in promoting literacy and education within our community are commendable,” said Delegate Jackson. “I am proud to support their mission and the remarkable achievements of today’s graduates.”

The graduation ceremony was a moment of celebration and inspiration, reflecting the collective commitment .  Saathi Baltimore is a Maryland-based non-profit organization led by Prabin Khadka, whereas NRNA NCC USA is a US-based non-profit organization led by Dr. Arjun Banjade.

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