Delegate Harry Bhandari Engages with Parkville High School AP Government Class


Parkville, May 23, 2023 – Today, Delegate Harry Bhandari was honored to address the Parkville AP class alongside his colleague, Delegate Carl Jackson. The event proved to be an inspirational and engaging experience for all involved.

The visit was made possible through the coordination efforts of Adam Laye, Department Head of the Social Studies Department at Parkville High School. 

Special recognition goes to Lena Amick, the government teacher at Parkville High School, whose passion for teaching and fostering young minds’ growth is commendable. 

Delegate Harry Bhandari expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the AP Government class. Through engaging discussions and sharing personal insights and experiences, the delegates aimed to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders.

During the session, Delegate Bhandari also discussed important legislation he passed in the General Assembly and shared exciting news about the upcoming installation of a new turf field at Parkville High School. He fondly recalled his conversations with the Principal when he was first elected and highlighted the efforts it took, spanning four years, to secure the funding with the assistance of Senator Kathy Klausmere and former Delegate Jackson, and former Delegate Botler.

Delegate Bhandari would like to sincerely thank everyone involved, including the faculty, staff, and students of Parkville High School, for their warm welcome and engaging dialogue. Together, they hope to foster an environment encouraging young minds to dream big and positively impact their communities.



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