Delegate Harry Bhandari Joins Wasafiri Community in Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Wasafiri Community Outreach


Baltimore, MD – May 20th, 2023 – Delegate Harry Bhandari was honored to accept the early invitation extended by the Wasafiri Community to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Wasafiri Community. The event celebrated two decades of dedicated service, compassion, and unity within the Baltimore Wasafiri Community.
The Wasafiri Community Outreach, established in 2003, has exemplified the true spirit of solidarity, fostering character-building, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship. Over the years, their commitment to the well-being of children and youth has positively influenced the lives of many, shaping the future of communities within the Baltimore area.

The Wasafiri Community Outreach’s dedication to offering emotional, spiritual, and financial support to community members facing adversity, such as food insecurity, inadequate housing, and unemployment, has provided a lifeline to those in need. In addition, their unwavering support serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and community upliftment.

The Wasafiri Community’s collaborative efforts with other local organizations in promoting cultural heritage enrichment events and community outreach activities, such as clothing the homeless and serving food in local shelters, have been instrumental in fostering inclusivity and improving society at large. Through these endeavors, the Wasafiri Community has strengthened community bonds and extended a helping hand to those outside their immediate circle.

Delegate Harry Bhandari acknowledges the collaborative efforts and assistance from partners and local leaders that have contributed to the growth and impact of the Wasafiri Community over the years. Their dedication to the principles of unity, service, and cultural enrichment serves as an inspiration to all members of the Baltimore community.

Delegate Harry Bhandari expresses sincere gratitude to Chairman Martin Noru, Thomas Mwaura, one of the community’s most prominent leaders, and the entire Wasafiri leadership for extending the kind invitation to this auspicious occasion. He added, “The presence of Bishop Joseph Mbatia of Nyahuru Diocese, Kenya, as the main mass celebrant further adds to the significance of this event.” In addition, the Baltimore County Executive Office, Delegates, Senator, and council member office recognized the community works through their official citation.

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