**Delegate Harry Bhandari’s Office Assists in the Arrangements for Manish Kunwar’s Funeral**


In the wake of the unfortunate demise of the 27-year-old Nepali youth, Manish Kunwar, in a New York jail, Delegate Harry Bhandari’s office extends its deepest condolences to his family and the Nepali community. Given the unique circumstances wherein Mr. Kunwar has no immediate family in America and his sister is located in the Middle East due to her job, Delegate Bhandari’s office has taken the initiative to support the arrangements for his funeral.

A distant relative of Mr. Kunwar in the USA, deeply affected by the tragedy, approached our office for assistance. Understanding the gravity of the situation and the emotional turmoil the family must be experiencing, Delegate Bhandari’s office is working closely with the assigned attorney on the case. Our office has been instrumental in transferring Mr. Kunwar’s remains to a funeral home and collecting all necessary paperwork for his funeral proceedings.

Delegate Harry Bhandari stated, “It’s a heart-wrenching situation, and my primary concern is to ensure that Mr. Kunwar receives the respect and dignity he deserves in his final rites. We are here to support the family and community during this challenging time.”

Our office is also actively coordinating communication between Manish’s sister in the Middle East and local authorities to ensure her wishes are respected and that she remains informed every step of the way.

We urge the community to come together, offering support and condolences to the family. In these trying times, unity and compassion are of utmost importance. Further details about the funeral will be provided as arrangements are finalized.

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