Details of Baltimore County’s Bulk Trash Pickup Plan

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski today announced that in 2022, Baltimore County is bringing back residential bulk trash collection for the first time since 1992. The new program will give residents two opportunities to set out bulk items for collection next year.

“Baltimore County spoke, and we listened. For the first time in nearly 30 years, residents will enjoy the convenience of setting bulk trash items out for collection,” Olszewski said. “This new program will help reduce blight, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions across the county, taking us one step closer on our path toward a more sustainable planet for future generations.”

Baltimore County’s Bulk Trash Collection Program will operate as follows:

  • All single-family homes and town homes in Baltimore County will have two free pre-scheduled bulk collections in 2022, with a limit of three bulk items per collection.
  • Bulk item collection dates and instructions will be mailed to every home in Baltimore County.
  • Residents will be able to look up their pre-scheduled pick-up dates online starting in January.
  • Residents will not need to call or email the County to request pick-up on a scheduled day.

The program, a recommendation of Baltimore County’s Solid Waste Work Group, will enhance the County’s existing waste collection services while reducing illegal dumping and the emissions created by individual trips for bulk trash disposal.

“We’ve revived bulk trash collection because the topic came up at every single one of the County Executive’s Town Hall meetings,” said Department of Public Works and Transportation Director D’Andrea Walker. “People want it; people need it.”

Residents may also continue to bring bulk items to one of the County’s three drop-off centers year-round.


In the coming weeks, residents will receive postcards indicating their assigned bulk item collection dates.

In early January, residents will also be able to find their bulk item collection dates online.

To find their 2022 bulk trash collection dates, residents are asked to consult the postcard or wait until early January to look up their dates on the County’s website.

Starting in mid-January, residents who are unable to find their bulk trash collection dates may contact the Bureau of Solid Waste Management for information.


Acceptable bulk items will include, but are not limited to, appliances, furniture, electronics, building materials and miscellaneous household items. Certain bulk materials, such as carpets, metal sheds and lawnmowers, will require special preparation for collection.

Some items, such as tires, fuel tanks, household hazardous waste and large items that are not disassembled, will not be accepted for collection in the County’s residential bulk collection program. For more information, including program guidelines, restrictions and set-out instructions, please visit The postcards that residents receive will also include program guidelines.


The County is also mailing the 2022 trash and recycling collection schedules to homes. These schedules contain specific collection day information for each address in Baltimore County. It is important that residents read and retain this document to reference over the next year.

County residents living in single-family homes who do not receive their schedule by December 29 may contact the Bureau of Solid Waste Management for assistance.

Schedules will also be available for download on the County’s website starting January 1, 2022.

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