Governor Hogan, President Ferguson, Speaker Jones Release Joint Election Day PSA

For immediate release:
November 2, 2020

Shareese Churchill

Governor Hogan, President Ferguson, Speaker Jones Release Joint Election Day PSA

ANNAPOLIS, MD—On the eve of Election Day, Governor Larry Hogan, Senate President Bill Ferguson, and House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones released a joint, bipartisan public service announcement (PSA) on the importance of counting every vote and protecting the integrity of the electoral system.


President Ferguson: Our democracy relies on the confidence of voters in a free and fair election. Because of this, it is our mission to ensure every vote is counted.

We are here, united, to support a complete counting and certification of Maryland’s election results, and encourage everyone’s patience and calm during this period.

Despite these unprecedented circumstances, Maryland has risen to the occasion. 

Governor Hogan: Marylanders are coming out to vote in record numbers at our polling places, where it is safe and public health protocols are in place.

We are also working closely with state and federal law enforcement partners to provide election security oversight and ensure our election systems are protected against any potential outside threats.  

Democracy is not a partisan issue. We are one, united Maryland.

Speaker Jones: We will stand by the results of this election and urge leaders across the country to do the same.

American democracy works best when we stand behind the common principles that bind our institutions together.

Nothing is more important to us than to ensure that your voices are heard and that your votes are counted.

All: Maryland, thank you for voting.

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