Governor Wes Moore Signs Four Pivotal Bills Sponsored by Delegate Harry Bhandari into Law


Annapolis, MD – In a significant legislative achievement, Governor Wes Moore has signed into law four crucial bills sponsored by Delegate Harry Bhandari, aimed at enhancing inclusivity, social services, healthcare, and emergency medical services across Maryland. These new laws mark a notable success in the 2024 legislative session, reflecting Delegate Bhandari’s ongoing commitment to the well-being of Marylanders.

Emergency Medical Services – Maryland Emergency Department Wait Time Reduction Commission – Establishment (HB1143)


The establishment of the Maryland Emergency Department Wait Time Reduction Commission is a groundbreaking initiative to address one of the most pressing issues in healthcare today. This commission will develop strategies to reduce wait times in emergency departments, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our emergency care system. By tackling this critical challenge, Maryland aims to provide faster, more reliable care to those in urgent need.

Places of Public Accommodation – Motion Picture Houses – Captioning (HB0426)


This bill mandates closed captioning for motion picture screenings in public accommodations, making Maryland’s movie theaters more inclusive for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. With the passage of HB0426, individuals with hearing impairments will be able to fully enjoy the cinematic experience, ensuring that everyone can partake in the magic of cinema regardless of their hearing ability.

State Board of Social Work Examiners – Board Membership and Certified Social Worker Licenses (HB0755)

HB0755 updates the membership of the State Board of Social Work Examiners, enhancing the effectiveness and responsiveness of Maryland’s social work regulatory framework. By streamlining the board’s membership and processes, this legislation aims to improve outcomes for those in need of social services, ensuring a more robust support system for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Health Occupations – Certified Dialysis Technicians – Continuing Education Requirement (HB0959)

This bill introduces flexibility to the continuing education requirements for certified dialysis technicians, allowing them to tailor their educational pursuits to their specific needs. HB0959 strengthens our healthcare workforce by ensuring that dialysis technicians can maintain the highest standards of patient care through relevant and personalized professional development.

Delegate Harry Bhandari’s Legislative Impact

Dring this session, Delegate Harry Bhandari focused on addressing critical issues directly affecting the well-being of Marylanders. With 1,526 bills heard in the House and 1,188 in the Senate, a total of 1,053 bills passed both chambers. Among these, Delegate Bhandari sponsored 23 bills enacted into law, including 19 in past sessions and four newly signed bills for their notable impact and broad bipartisan support.

“I am deeply honored by the passage of these bills, which reflect our commitment to inclusivity, social service improvements, healthcare excellence, and efficient emergency medical services,” said Delegate Bhandari. “I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who advocated for these important changes, especially the witnesses who shared their experiences and insights during the panel discussions, and to those who sent out thousands of letters in support of these bills. These laws represent our dedication to making Maryland a better place for all its residents.”

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