Hillendale/Parkville/Overlea Sustainable Community Open House Gathers Momentum


[Baltimore, Maryland – June 21, 2023] – Today, Delegate Harry Bhandari enthusiastically participated in the Hillendale/Parkville/Overlea Sustainable Community Open House held at Parkville High School Cafeteria. The event aimed to gather valuable input from community members and engage esteemed governmental officials, including Steve Lafferty, Director of the Department of Planning in Baltimore County, in empowering discussions about sustainable development and revitalization in the area.

The Open House, a dynamic gathering from 6 PM to 8 PM, provided a unique opportunity for constituents to contribute their insights on the renewal of the Sustainable Community designation for Hillendale/Parkville/Overlea. Interactive activity stations covering crucial topics such as environment, transportation, housing, economy, quality of life, and local planning were set up to facilitate engaging conversations.

Delegate Harry Bhandari expressed his wholehearted support for the community’s collaborative efforts in shaping the promising future of Hillendale/Parkville/Overlea. He emphasized sustainable growth and active community engagement in cultivating a vibrant and resilient neighborhood.

The event witnessed the active participation of numerous esteemed private stakeholders, including Melissa Davis (Overlea Community Association), Jess Loveless (Overlea Farmers Market), Mark Donovan (Maryland Natural History Society), Caitlin Klimm-Kellner (Linover Improvement Association), Cathy Thompson (Harford Park Community Association), Shannon Sheetz (Harford Park Community Association), Cathy Kratavil (Elmwood-Belmar Community Association), Lily Rowe (Hillendale Community Association), Greg Landry (Parkville Carney Business Association), Sharon Kihn (Chesapeake Gateway Chamber of Commerce), Nicole Sheehan (Parkville Senior Center), Dominique Willis (Community Schools – Halstead Academy), Phyllis Joris (NeighborSpace), Annette Karanja (Elimu Center), Tom Brocht (Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee), Sarah Smith (Baltimore County Library), and Cathy Luebbert (St. Andrews Lutheran Church), and Shafiyq Hinton, community activist.

Dedicated public stakeholders from various county departments also played a significant role in shaping the discussions. Notable participants include Haley Amini, Erin Watts, and Wesley Schmidt (Environmental Protection & Sustainability), Selisa Jefferson (Economic & Workforce Development), Jessie Bialek and Mitchell Phillips (Public Works & Transportation), Ashley Johnson-Hare and Marcia Williams (Housing & Community Development), Jamaal Moses and Shakima Davey (Health & Human Services), Christopher M. Kelly (Police), Caitlin Merritt (Historic Preservation), Molly Pickel (Recreation & Parks), Adam Whitlock (Code Enforcement), Giuliana Valencia-Banks, Kirk Mitchell, Erica Crouch, and Vrindarani Pani (Office of Community Engagement), Albert Eilbacher (Baltimore County Public Schools), Brittany Rolf (Maryland Transportation Administration), and Riccy Amador (Immigration Affairs).

Delegate Harry Bhandari extends his heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their active community engagement and collaborative efforts in shaping the Hillendale/Parkville/Overlea Sustainable Community in a one-on-one meeting. He remains steadfast in his commitment to supporting initiatives that foster sustainable growth and improve the quality of life for all residents in Baltimore County. Senator Kathy Klausmeier and Delegate Jackson also attended the meeting, demonstrating their shared dedication to the community.


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