Important Update on UI Benefits

Earlier today, House Speaker Adrienne Jones, Senate President Bill Ferguson, and leadership from both Chambers announced an unemployment insurance reform package to help tackle the ongoing problems surrounding the UI system. As it stands, we’re almost a year into the pandemic and we still have Maryland residents dealing with issues with this system. My office has personally helped approximately 1,100 residents, but we still have some who have yet to receive the help they need. I know my colleagues in the 8th Legislative District and across the state have been dealing with the same issues, and as frustrating as it is for us and our staff, it’s impossible to imagine the frustration and hopelessness felt by those who have been left without the support they deserve. 

This is a comprehensive reform package, which would update the UI system so people can receive payment via direct deposit while simplifying the steps for those who prefer a paper check. It would also, among other things, require the call center to be adequately staffed. I know one of the issues we consistently hear is that it is impossible to connect with an agent via the call center. 

I applaud the efforts of Speaker Jones and President Ferguson, as well as the other members of leadership in the General Assembly, and I look forward to supporting this legislation when it comes to the House.



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