Interim District Insight- Legislative Newsletter July 2023

Interim District Insight- July 2023

Dear constituents,
As the sun shines bright and the days grow longer, we are delighted to bring you our July newsletter, filled with exciting updates and heartwarming stories from our wonderful community. July is a month of celebration, and we have so much to rejoice about—from spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky to honoring outstanding individuals who inspire us all. As we gather with friends, family, and neighbors, let us cherish the spirit of unity and joy that this season brings. Join us as we share the highlights of our recent events and the inspiring endeavors of our community members.

Fullerton Fireworks for Independence Day Celebration
The highly anticipated Fullerton Fireworks event finally arrived, and it was an unforgettable night! Despite the morning rain, the weather cleared up just in time for a spectacular display. The entire community gathered at Fullerton Field, buzzing with anticipation. The festivities began at 2:00 pm with a fantastic array of food vendors offering savory delights and sweet treats. “Awaken” took the stage, enchanting everyone with captivating melodies. The night’s highlight was the mesmerizing fireworks display—a dazzling explosion of colors and lights that left everyone in awe. Families, friends, and neighbors came together to create lasting memories and share in the joy of this grand spectacle.

Congratulations, Kayla Drummond!

Let us take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of Kayla Drummond, a remarkable rising senior at Parkville High School. We are proud to announce that she has been sworn in as the Student Member of the Board of Education for the academic year 2023-2024. Kayla’s journey to this achievement serves as a great inspiration to all students in our district and beyond. Her dedication to education and community involvement is commendable, and we are excited to witness the positive impact she will bring to our school system. Let’s continue to support and encourage our young leaders like Kayla as they shape a brighter future for us all.

Dr. Myriam Yarbrough’s Vision for Baltimore County Public SchoolsDuring a recent town hall meeting, newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Myriam Yarbrough unveiled her visionary plans for Baltimore County Public Schools. Central to her approach is a strong emphasis on equity and inclusivity, with the goal of ensuring that every student feels valued and supported throughout their educational journey. Dr. Yarbrough’s vision includes implementing evidence-based teaching practices and providing tailored resources to address the unique needs of each student, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By focusing on academic achievement, she aims to elevate the quality of education and create a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum accessible to all students. Additionally, Dr. Yarbrough stressed the importance of parental and community engagement, recognizing the positive impact it can have on students’ success and the overall school environment. Her dedication to collaboration and open communication with stakeholders further demonstrates her commitment to shaping a positive and inclusive learning environment. As the community eagerly anticipates the realization of Dr. Myriam Yarbrough’s transformative vision, her leadership promises to bring about positive change and growth for Baltimore County Public Schools.

Vice President Kamala Harris on Environmental Justice
We were honored to have Vice President Kamala Harris engage in an insightful conversation about environmental justice goals and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund during a town hall meeting at Coppin State University. She was joined by the newly appointed EPA Administrator, who emphasized the significance of community engagement in combating climate change. Vice President Harris emphasized the importance of investing in clean energy and green infrastructure to create job opportunities and boost economic growth while addressing environmental challenges. She urged for proactive measures to protect vulnerable communities disproportionately affected by environmental issues. Her commitment to combating climate change and promoting clean technology projects is both inspiring and reassuring for our community’s environmental efforts. We look forward to supporting these vital initiatives and working towards a more sustainable future.

AAPI Interns Empowerment Program

The AAPI Caucus Leaders and Lt. Governor Aruna Miller recently hosted an empowering event—the 2023 Summer Intern Program Kick-off in Annapolis, Maryland. It was a special event focused on addressing AAPI interns, highlighting the significance of understanding the function of government. During the event, prominent leaders emphasized the importance of civic engagement and encouraged the interns to actively participate in the democratic process. The discussions delved into the AAPI community’s rich history of activism and advocacy, inspiring the interns to be catalysts for positive change. Lt. Governor Aruna Miller’s passionate commitment to promoting diversity and representation was evident as she stressed the value of inclusivity in government and public service. It was an absolute pleasure to participate in this event and witness the passion and dedication of the AAPI interns. Together, we are shaping a brighter tomorrow, fostering diversity, and empowering the leaders of the future. Our community is enriched by the contributions of young people, and events like these inspire us to continue supporting and nurturing their potential.

Enchanting 1st Committee Gathering at Delegate Ken Kerr’s House

Last week, we had the pleasure of gathering at Delegate Ken Kerr’s house, nestled in the serene countryside, for our first committee meeting of the year. The picturesque setting, with a freshly built deck, a quaint fishing pond, and charming outbuildings, all handcrafted by Delegate himself, radiated dedication and creativity.

The event provided the perfect backdrop for our inspirational discussions led by the wonderful Chair, Joseline Peña-Melnyk. The tireless efforts of our committee staff and Delegate Ken Kerr’s hospitality made this gathering truly enchanting, as we delved into important matters that will shape our community’s future.

Honoring Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Cody Areford

I joined Delegate Carl Jackson to honor the incredible achievements of Master Gunnery Sergeant Cody Areford, a shining example of the Young Marines’ mission. In his five years of service, Cody displayed exceptional leadership, commitment to the community, and respect for our veterans. From Leadership Schools to earning numerous ribbons and the President’s Volunteer Service Award three times, his accomplishments are awe-inspiring. As he retires, we express deep gratitude for his contributions. Thanks, Monica Areford and Hamilton Young Marines, for empowering our youth and instilling values that shape future leaders.
Thank you, Col. Bill Davis USMC( Ret), George Biedenbender, Division commander, Division 2, and many leaders traveling from across the country to inspire our youths!

Baltimore County Day
We are thrilled to report that Delegate Harry Bhandari recently participated in a series of impactful visits to critical agencies within Baltimore County. Accompanied by the Baltimore County Senate/House Delegation and County Administration team, the day commenced with a visit to the Baltimore County Detention Center, where they gained insights into the living conditions for juveniles and reaffirmed their commitment to providing support and resources for young individuals seeking a second chance. Following this, engaging discussions took place with the Baltimore County Police Department and BCPS Superintendent Dr. Myriam Yarbrough, focusing on community safety initiatives and enhancing educational opportunities for students. Delegate Bhandari expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community and glean invaluable insights, emphasizing their dedication to shaping a brighter future for Baltimore County.

Congratulations to Barnes and Noble at The Avenue at White Marsh

We are absolutely delighted to announce the long-awaited return of Barnes & Noble to White Marsh! As avid readers and members of the community, we have sorely missed this cherished bookstore during its temporary closure for renovations. Now, with the grand reopening event on The Avenue, our beloved Barnes & Noble is back, and we couldn’t be happier! The store’s presence has always been a source of inspiration and joy for book enthusiasts of all ages, and we are thrilled to once again immerse ourselves in the vast selection of books, engage in literary events, and cherish the cozy reading nooks that have become an integral part of our community. Barnes & Noble’s triumphant return truly fills our hearts with excitement and gratitude, and we can’t wait to rediscover the wonders of this literary haven in White Marsh.

Assistance with Accessing Critical Resources in District 8
Do you or a neighbor face difficulties accessing critical resources such as the MD unemployment website, utilities, food, or state and local programs to which you’re entitled? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact my office for assistance. Our team in District 8 is closely coordinating all casework requests and is available to provide support, especially during these challenging times. So don’t struggle alone; let us help you get the needed resources.
Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Together, we can make a difference in our community and create a brighter future. Wishing you a great month ahead!

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