International Forum USA Hosts Luncheon: Celebrating Unity, Diversity, and Dialogue*


Boyds MD, 9/17/23 —

International Forum USA, dedicated to fostering global unity and promoting cross-cultural dialogue, hosted an exclusive luncheon at the residence of Chair Karina Hou. Ms. Hou, a renowned artist, philanthropist, and community activist, welcomed community leaders with roots spanning 20 diverse countries from Asia and Africa, making the event a true representation of the world’s cultural mosaic.”

Reflecting on the occasion, Karina Hou noted, “Diversity is the fabric of our society, and today’s gathering is a testament to the strength and beauty of this tapestry. I am both humbled and honored to be part of this journey.”
Co-Chair Dr. Surinder Singh commented, ‘The contributions of AAPI entrepreneurs have been pivotal in strengthening and enriching our economy,’ highlighting the significant role of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the economic sphere.

Also in attendance were Guy Djoken, the Chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations and Executive Director of the UNESCO Center for Peace based in Washington, D.C. Other esteemed guests included Prince Anand, Hardip Singh Saini, Tonya Jia, Dalit Singh Bubby, Rian Smith, Shazia Shah, Thai Nguyen, Baljit Singh Cheema, Sukhwinder Singh KK Sidhu, Dinny Li, Zhonoli Xu, and many other noteworthy personalitie  and constituents from district 8.

Delegate and Chair of the AAPI Legislative Caucus, Dr. Bhandari, honored to participate, remarked, “Being in the midst of such a diverse and influential group of leaders across the state and the D.C. area was truly an enlightening experience. Forums like these reiterate the importance of understanding and mutual respect amongst the myriad of cultures and perspectives we represent.

With its vision of a globally connected world, International Forum USA continues to champion inclusivity, mutual respect, and unity across varied cultural backgrounds. Events like these, which bring together leaders worldwide, underscore this commitment.


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