Joint Town Hall Meeting Addresses Community Safety Concerns in Baltimore City and County


Baltimore, MD – On November 28th, community leaders, elected officials, and law enforcement agencies from Baltimore City and Baltimore County came together for a historic joint Town Hall Meeting on Public Safety. The event, held at the Grand Fellowship Hall of Mount Pleasant Church, located at 6000 Radecke Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206, aimed to address growing concerns related to carjackings, gun violence, and juvenile crime in District 8 and District 45.

Elected officials in attendance included:

– Sen. Cory McCray

– Sen. Kathy Klausmier

– Del. Harry Bhandari

– Del. Carl Jackson

– Del. Nick Allen

– Del. Jackie Addison

– Del. Caylin Young

-Del. Garry Simmons

– Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger

– Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan J. Bates

– Baltimore City Sheriff Sam Cogan

Law enforcement agencies were represented by:

– Baltimore County Police Chief Robert McCulloh

– Baltimore City Police Commissioner Richard Worley

Key talking points of the event included discussions about the surge in carjackings, the rise in gun violence, and the increase in juvenile crime within District 8 and District 45. Approximately 20 concerned residents voiced their opinions and shared their experiences during the Town Hall Meeting. Elected officials deliberated on state-level solutions to address these pressing issues, while law enforcement agencies explained their strategies for implementing state laws and offered insights into how state-level support could facilitate their efforts.

Over 20 community leaders from various associations within both jurisdictions participated in the event. The Town Hall Meeting was organized in collaboration with the District 45 and District 8 teams, with Senator Cory McCray of District 45  leading in coordinating the gathering.

All participants expressed their commitment to working together and recognized this event as a pivotal first step in jointly addressing community concerns. They agreed on the importance of collaboration, revisiting existing laws, and creating opportunities for youth, focusing on providing support and accountability to help them make positive choices.

Despite the cold weather outside, the conference room was filled with stakeholders eager to engage in this historic initiative. All attendees agreed that this Town Hall Meeting marked the beginning of a new era where two jurisdictions join forces to tackle community issues together.

For more information about the event, please visit:


Office of Delegate Harry Bhandari

District Office

7701 Belair Road 

Nottingham, MD 21236

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