MDOT Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld Responds to Baltimore County’s Priority Letter


Baltimore, Maryland 5/23/23 – The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is pleased to announce the official response from MDOT Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld to the priority letter submitted by Baltimore County.

The priority letter, which addressed key transportation concerns and initiatives in Baltimore County, underwent a thorough review and received a thoughtful response from Secretary Wiedefeld and his team at MDOT. This response underscores their commitment to collaborative efforts with local jurisdictions in addressing transportation needs and enhancing infrastructure.

The collaboration between MDOT and Baltimore County focuses on improving connectivity, enhancing transit options, and resolving infrastructure challenges that impact the county’s residents and businesses.

Delegate Harry Bhandari expresses his gratitude to the administration of Governor Moore-Miller for their ongoing commitment to collaboration with Baltimore County and other local jurisdictions. Their dedication aims to implement sustainable transportation solutions that address the evolving needs of Maryland residents and promote economic growth.

The response letter from Secretary Wiedefeld can be found attached to this release:

The response letter from Secretary Wiedefeld.



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