New Laws Enacted in Maryland, Effective Saturday


[6/27/23] – We proudly share the enactment of several new laws that will take effect in Maryland starting this Saturday. These legislative measures, addressing diverse areas of public concern, reflect the commitment of elected officials to serve and improve the lives of Maryland residents.

Key highlights of the laws to go into effect include:

  1. Cannabis Legalization: Maryland will join the states allowing adult recreational use of cannabis, commencing on Saturday. This milestone has been achieved through meticulous efforts in establishing a robust taxation and regulatory framework, ensuring a seamless transition for licensed retailers.
  2. Changes in Marijuana Policing: Effective next Saturday, police officers will be prohibited from conducting traffic stops or vehicle searches solely based on the smell of marijuana.
  3. Tax Cuts for Veterans: In recognition of our veterans’ immense contributions and sacrifices, Governor Wes Moore’s Keep Our Heroes Home Act will provide tax relief to retired military personnel. Starting Saturday, it expands the income exemption limits from state taxes for veterans aged 55 and older, with additional benefits for younger veterans in the upcoming tax season.
  4. Military Health Care Reimbursement: The Health Care for Heroes Act of 2023, becoming effective on Saturday, establishes a reimbursement program for members of the Maryland National Guard enrolled in the TRICARE health insurance program. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to supporting the well-being of our brave servicemen and women.
  5. Affordable Body-Worn Cameras: Recognizing the significance of transparency and accountability in law enforcement, we have ensured that smaller agencies have access to affordable contracts for body-worn cameras and video file storage systems. This measure paves the way for all Maryland law enforcement officers to be equipped with body-worn cameras by July 1, 2025, promoting trust and public safety.
  6. Title IX Support: Commencing Saturday, Maryland public schools will be mandated to disseminate comprehensive information to students, parents, and families about filing sexual misconduct complaints, available support systems, and the institution’s designated Title IX coordinator. This effort reinforces our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive educational environment.
  7. Public Comments on State Procurement: The Board of Public Works is implementing an electronic system that will enable members of the public to submit comments on agenda items. With the implementation of this system, individuals and organizations will have the opportunity to provide valuable input and feedback on agenda items related to state procurement. This inclusive approach fosters a more open and participatory decision-making process where diverse perspectives can be heard and considered. This mechanism, to be operational before October 1, 2024, facilitates public engagement in the state’s procurement processes, promoting transparency and accountability.

While many bills will become law on Saturday, it is essential to note that approximately 350 remaining bills will take effect on October 1.

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