Heartfelt thanks to all our retiring educators

It’s been my honor to attend retirement ceremonies for some exceptional educators throughout District 8. This is a bittersweet time of year — our kids are moving on to new classes, new schools, and new chapters of life, and we send them off with our best wishes as we prepare for the next set of students. But when we lose cherished colleagues, those goodbyes are harder.

With my state and local colleagues, I’ve had the chance to present these individuals with citations from the House of Delegates, thanking them for their years of service in our community. When I think of how many students these folks have impacted over the years, how many lessons they have taught, how many families they have helped, and how many young people they have inspired — it makes me beyond proud. It is a reminder to keep working hard at what I do for the sake of future generations. We can all learn from the perseverance and dedication of these incredible educators.






To every educator who made it through this school year, you have my heartfelt thanks. These teachers have dedicated themselves to educating and forming life-changing relationships with young people, so with great pride, I wish them a happy retirement. You have the best wishes of your community behind you in whatever you do next, and your legacy here in our schools will not be forgotten. Thank you.

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