Thank you all from Delegate Bhandari for a wonderful National Night Out!

National Night Out is a chance for communities to come together for a bit of summer fun, but it has an important purpose — creating space for community members to spend time with their local law enforcement and first responders.

Some folks may be close with their neighborhood police and firefighters, but others may not know them at all. The chance to share a hot dog, boogie to the Bee Gees and just have a chat can make a real difference in the relationships we share. There is room to improve our systems of public safety — no system is perfect. But these men and women are working protect our families, streets and communities. It’s important that we take the time to get to know them, break bread with them and thank them.

So a big thank-you to our law enforcement officers and first responders, and especially to all those I had the honor of meeting this past Tuesday evening. And another big thank-you to the community organizations who put in the work to bring the National Night Out spirit to so many neighborhoods across District 8. I have so many great pics, but I’ll just share some of my favorites:

So sweet to see so many families at Fontana Village, and thank you to Mitch Bricks for organizing!

Gardenvillage, what a party! Great to chat with so many folks — while I wasn’t dancing!

Elmwood/Belmont, so good to see you! I appreciated the ice cream!

Big smiles (and even a snake) at Linover, and lots of friendly faces to chat with. Feels like home!

Seven Courts, such a fantastic evening, and thank you for having me!

Popped in at St. John’s Lutheran Church and was sorely tempted by Mission BBQ!

Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to Harford Park!

Again, a big thank-you to all! And may you all stay safe and be well!

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