Teaching English to South Asian Immigrants: Paving a Brighter Path for Diversity

August 13, 2023

**BALTIMORE, MD:** On Sunday, August 13, the Mount Everest Restaurant became was not just a hub of culinary delights; it emerged as the cradle of an excellent initiative. The community pioneers and the spirited team of Saathi Baltimore Ashiyanaa unveiled the forward-thinking “Teaching English to South Asian Immigrants” project.

The event was graced not only by local enthusiasts but also by county and state elected officials. Additionally, the county executive office representatives underscored the significance and broad support this initiative has garnered in its inception.

Immersed in the passion and determination of Saathi Baltimore, Delegate Bhandari stressed the critical role of the initiative. Drawing from his background as an educator and legislator, he observed, “Language is more than a medium. It’s the lifeline that binds diverse communities into a cohesive whole. Our aspiration is a workforce proficient in their respective professions and communicative capabilities. This program signifies a leap toward that vision.” The day’s sentiments echo County Council David Marks’s comment, “The event transcended mere announcements; it was a moment of collective awakening.” Such endorsements underscored the transformative potential of this initiative.

With the robust backing of “Ashiyanaa” and “Saathi,” this initiative seeks to endow adult immigrants with fluency in English. It’s not merely about lessons; it’s about building a community where interaction is seamless, integration is organic, and success is within everyone’s grasp.

Ramesh Bhatta, the founding President of Saathi Baltimore, and Pravin Khadka, the current President, jointly called upon the community. “In a world marked by disparities, our mission shines as a beacon of unity and hope. We’re steadfast in our belief that irrespective of one’s roots; everyone should be equipped to thrive.”

Saathi Baltimore expressed gratitude to key attendees: County Councilman David Marks, Delegates Harry Bhandari and Carl Jackson, and Immigration Coordinator Riccy Amador with Baltimore county executive office. Ramesh Bhatta appreciated Prakash Maharjan and Mount Everest Restaurant for the venue and meals. Special mentions were made to Pashupati Bashyal for photography, Satish Chapagain for partnership efforts, Prakash Chetri’s technical expertise, Prabin Bhandari’s leadership on the project, Keny Shah’s support, and Pravin Khada’s thought leadership.

Jaya Nelliott, Chair of the Outreach Committee at Ashiyanaa, added her voice, noting, “Each voice is a melody, and every melody deserves its moment. This initiative isn’t just about Language; it’s about opening avenues, forging bonds, and sculpting futures.”

The event transcended mere announcements; it was a moment of collective awakening. Attendees, including media personnel and community stalwarts, left invigorated with a renewed sense of purpose and a firm resolve to champion this noble cause.

Notably, both “Ashiyanaa” and “Saathi Baltimore” are nonprofit organizations based in Maryland dedicated to fostering community growth, engagement, and promoting diversity.

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